- HAPPINESS is an amazing feeling -
Happiness quotations and sayings

To give joy to others is better
than to give it to yourself
( The Good Seed - 2002 )



We can not explain happiness, we just feel it
( Miguel de Unamuno )




We run after the Happiness, we search it everywhere :

in the oceans, following the roads, but happiness is here
( Horace )




Love is an emotion experienced by the many and enjoyed by the few
( George Jean Nathan )



Happiness is something which multiplies when you share it
( Paulo Coelho )



Happiness is an amazing feeling :

more you give, more you have
( Suzanne Curchod : Mrs Necker )



The best time to be glad is now.
When you share your time with someone you love.
To be glad is simple



Electricity is more expensive than smile
but the both can give bright light
( Abbé Pierre )




Smile is free even if it's very precious,
Someone who gives it gives happiness to others,
It's just for a moment but it can give eternal souvenir ...
It creates happiness to the family, it's the sign of friendship

Smile gives relax to tired people & gives courage to someone who loses it ;
You can not buy smile, you can not borrow it, you can not steal it,
Because smile is precious only at the precise time you give it,
And if one day you meet someone who can not give you his/her smile
Please give him/her your smile
Because someone who can not smile needs absolutely yours


The people on earth grow 5000 roses in a garden and
they lose their happiness. Whereas if they watch
them with attention, they can find happiness
in only one of these roses
( Saint Exupéry )

Liantsoa Jenny and a carnivorous plant - 2009




People see the happiness of the others,
but they don't know their own happiness
( Pierre Daninos 1964 )



If you search alot of money to be happy, you are a poor man

( Yvan Rheault )



The happiness is to see what do you have finish,
not to see what do you have to do



The christian's sin breaks his/her happiness
( Ravo )



Glad Spirit is a treasure ( be happy in your life )

One of the most precious that man knows ;
Because it's more important than a lot of gold
Happiness is more important than richness


You can have Glad Spirit without money
You can have it everywhere, you can have it everytime,
It doesn't depend on a person
Only Jesus can give you it !
And if there is anxiety everywhere,
Those who have Glad Spirit continue singing


( Centrale Internationale du Disque Evangélique )
( Les Capitaines Roth )

Barberin & Rémi
from Yann Dégruel & Hector Malot


Happiness is the spiritual experience

of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude
( Denis Waitley )



Those who are happy
can spread happiness around them
( Paulo Coelho 1994 )



There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved
( George Sand )





The only happiness that we can have comes from the happiness that we give

( Edouard Pailleron )



External happiness is luck, but internal happiness, you have to build it yourself
( Johann Kaspar Lavater )



pleasure is happiness of mad people, happiness is pleausre of wise people
( Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly )






about Happiness


Happiness, Joy and glad spirit :

... so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. ( John 15 : 11b )

What does the Lord Jesus desire for his disciples at his last time with them ? The Joy, a complete Joy for them. Jesus Christ desires for us too a complete Joy.

JOY, HAPPINESS is a God's plan for us. Joy was there at the creation of the universe ( Job 38 : 7 ). Joy will be there at the end of these times ( Revelation 19 : 7 ). But satan ( the God's enemy and our enemy too ) tries everytime to take off this joy, to destroy our joy. Don't forget that a sad christian is a bad witness of the Lord. Who can destroy our joy ?

Solution : to have Joy in all circumstances. When the apostle Paul was in prison, he said : " ... I have learnt to be satisfied with what I have " ( Philippians 4 : 11 ). Paul was suffered for his Love to the Lord. God wants change our attitude in the events of our life. God wants that we have always a positive attitude in spite of difficult circumstances.

We say : " The others are hell ". But we can say too : " The others are paradise ". Solution : to have Joy by the others !

I am legalist. You are legalist. We are legalist. What is a legalist ? A legalist is proud about himself THEN he (she) sees if the others are clean too ( are correct too ). Often a legalist sees that the others are not correct ; for a legalist the others are never correct. Don't forget that we are we only because of God's divine grace, and only because of Christ's Love. Christ's Love gives us great happiness. Christ's Love accepts us as we are. So don't criticize the others because we go forward on the same way, some faster than others and some slower than others.

Solution : to have Joy in spite of worries. " May you always be joyful in your union with the Lord. I say it again : Rejoice ! " ( Philippians 4 : 4 ). And : " Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart " ( Philippians 4 : 6 ). Our worries will be always there, but God will fill up our heart and our soul with peace. The peace of His Son Jesus Christ will fill up our heart with JOY. And our Joy will win against our worries. Because we have learnt to be satisfied with what we have ( Philippians 4 : 11 ). ( Passage of Please the Lord - January & February 2009 )




HUMOR SECTION about ... Happiness

1- Two children discuss :
- I dream to get 5 millions per month like my father !
- What !!! Do your father get 5 millions per month ???
- No ! He dreams to get it too


2- Sometimes people forget to take out suppository plastic wrapper. An old lady was very happy to say to her doctor : " I very like your suppository. It's profitable to use it. I use the same suppository after these 10 days of medicinal treatment ... "


3- Listen to me my baby ! If you are a good girl, you will go to heaven !
But if you are a bad girl, you will go to hell !
- And what should I be to go to the circus Mam ?


4- When you swim in happiness, be care full, stay always where you have one's feet on the ground ( Marc Escayrol )





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