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Lives in Antananarivo

From 1993 until now : working in Tourism in Madagascar as Tour Guide and Trips Organizer of the following areas :

Antananarivo • Toliara • Manakara and its Train • Mananjary and the South Pangalanes • Ranomafana National Park for birdwatching passionate people • Anakao • Cap Sainte Marie • Fort Dauphin • Berenty • Andohahela National Park • Sainte Luce Bay • Bezaha Mahafaly lemurs reserve • Ampanihy • Ampefy • The Manambolo & the Tsiribihina Rivers • the famous Tsingy of Bemaraha • Morondava • Belo sur Mer • Morombe • Andavadoaka • Salary Bay • Andasibe lemurs reserve where live the biggest lemur in the world : the Indri Indrithe Pangalanes Canal lemurs private reserve ( the Palmarium ) • Toamasina • Sainte Marie, • Nosy Varika • Vatomandry • Akanin'ny Nofy • Nosy Be • Nosy Iranja • Diego Suarez ( the 3 Bays • Amber Mountain • Ankarana reserve • the wonderful Red Tsingy ) • Sambava • Marojejy Natinaol Park • Andapa and its high mountains • Itasy Lake • Ihotry Lake • Tsimanampetsotsa Lake • Isalo National Park • Andringitra National Park • Masoala National Park where live the spectacular Aye Aye lemur • Maroantsetra ( Ambodiforaha • Lohatrozona • Tampolo • Ambanizana areas )


Christian of a reformed protestant church : Ankadifotsy FJKM
Love tourism, computer, soccer game, reading books, reading comics,
movies, music, taking pictures and theology

TRAVEL : in Mey & June 1998 : in France and in Switzerland

Conception and realization of this web site : Pierrette & Ravo - March 2000
Translation of this page : Ravo - August 1st 2002

From March 2000 to May 2005 : with iFrance.com
Since June 2005 : with Mégaphone.org



In God we trust !


More the darkness which surround us becomes deep,
more our light becomes bright
( Leroy Koopman )










Testimony of
Ravo Madagascar, webmaster of Christian Thought

The Holy Spirit exists :

The Lord said to satan : " Well, everything he has is in your hands, but on the man himself do not lay a finger ". Job 1 : 12a.
I don't like gold (that means gold doesn't interest me. For example I prefer to travel than to have gold or I prefer any hardware than gold). It was on June 22th 1999 - the first time (and perhaps the last time) that I'd to buy things in gold. I had to do this because it was about our christian marriage rings. With my fiancée (Pierrette), and a woman co-worker who knows more than us on gold, I went to a jewellry. It was HARISH DOULAB jewellry - 37, Ratsimilaho street - Antaninarenina (the jewellry neighborhood in Antananarivo). It was about 06:15 p.m. and it was already dark because it was the winter season. We got into the jewellry, we did our choice, we bargained the price and at the precise time that I gave the money to the jeweller, someone said :

" Hands up ! Don't move ! Open the strong-box ! " They were 5 gangsters with automatic pistols & kalachnikovs (russian machine-guns - Note that it's forbidden to use gun in Madagascar). The small room of the jewellry was very noisy during 3 or 4 minutes because there were two women's cry (those of Pierrette & those of my colleague) plus the noise of broken glasses (they broke the jewellry shop-windows with their kalachnikovs to steal jewels after) plus the noise of loud insults. It was very noisy. I like movies but it's very different to see these actions on a TV set and to experiment them. Our story was the first jewellry attack in Antananarivo because there were 3 attacks and on the 3rd attack, two policemen were killed by gangsters bullets (always in the same neighborhood). It's just to say you that It wasn't a play. Everybody was afraid : the jewellry guard, the jewellers, my workmate, my future spouse and I think the gangsters too (I think they were afraid of policemen). Yeah ! Everybody was afraid. Everybody except me. Outside the jewellry, other gangsters shooted on air to stop the crowd to not help us. I wasn't afraid because I felt the HOLY SPIRIT inside my body.

It was the first time for me that I sensed the Holy Spirit of God. For me, It had not the form of a dove (John 1 : 32), It was not a noise, It was not a strong wind blowing, It looked not like tongues of fire (Acts 2 : 2, 3), It had not the form of a pillar of cloud, It had not the form of a pillar of fire (Exodus 13 : 21, 22) ; No, for me, the Holy Spirit had no form. I just felt It. A strange power helped me to be not afraid and to keep cool. I was very cool during the actions. I can't explain you more about the Holy Spirit because I just felt It. Pierrette & my workmate couldn't see the burglars because of their fear, but I didn't close my eyes ; I looked at the gangsters. I wanted to do something but the Holy Spirit said me : " Keep cool ! What can you do with machine-guns & automatic pistols ? Look at the guard, he is afraid ! So keep cool ! " I testify that with the Holy Spirit of God inside me :
I was cool without fear & without regret . Without regret even if the gangsters stole our money. We had to pay our marriage rings twice times. In front of danger, I still had the force to look at the burglars and to answer them with smile & joke. I can't do this in general but I can do this at this moment. It was not natural. It was unforgettable for me.

The policemen arrived ... one hour after action. They took pictures & finger-prints but they haven't found the gangsters until now. I think there was a " big responsible " who commanded this action. Pierrette & my colleague couldn't sleep the night of this event and they had a headache but I slept without anxiety and without headache after my evening-prayer-before-sleeping. Of course, I was ready to die, I was ready to be kill with a bullet in my head during this action. I praid for my fiancée and for me & I put our soul in the Lord's hands because all is possible with gangsters' attack. At home, I remembered the Job's verse (cf above). When I told this story to our pastor, he said us to thank God because God showed us with this event his great Love & his glory. I've many personal testimonies like this and I can tell you their stories if I meet you one day. For the glory of God - Amen !




Everyone who has visited Madagascar, talks about it
with nostalgia & dreams to come back again one day


To see the best of MADAGASCAR, I suggest you the following trip :

Madagascar, island of emotions, is a very special world. As an island, it could keep its traditions, its manners, its fauna and flora which have a highly endemic character.

Madagascar has become very attractive for people in search of discovery, emotion and trekkings.

As a professional - since 1993 - in organizing and realizing trips in Madagascar, I make the following proposal to you. A proposal where you discover the National Parks of the Great Island through its wonders. A special Trekking proposal.

A trip to Madagascar proves to be an authentic and natural experience for one who is able to do it in a sensible and intelligent way. Shall we see each other soon ? Thank you for your trust.


Day 1 : Paris – Tana – Pangalans
Arrival in Tana. Reception at the airport and foreign exchange operation. Direction East of Madagascar in order to discover the region and the lush vegetation of the Canal of the North Pangalans. Along the road, you will visit a private reserve ( crocodiles, butterflies, insects and you will see a great variety of chameleons of all sizes and colours ; it is the place in Madagascar where you can best observe the largest number of different species ). Cruise on the Pangalans Canal in the late afternoon ( with a small vedette motorboat ).

Day 2 : Pangalans
Trekking to visit a lemur reserve ( many species in the wild ; here, you will have an opportunity to see the largest species in the world, the Indri-Indri ). Splendid views and visit of a typical village in the East coast of Madagascar. Also discovery of the carnivorous Nepenthes plants.

Day 3 : Pangalans – Tana
Return by boat via Manambato along the Pangalans through lakes, rivers and lagunas with traps for fish ; you will occasionally see local canoes, rafts and bush-taxi boats.

Day 4 : Tana –Ambositra
Direction South of Madagascar so as to discover this region and its varied landscapes ( its red laterite houses, its innumerable terraced ricefields etc. ). Visit of workshops and stores of miniature bikes and rickshaws, of embroidery and precious and semi-precious stones along the road.

Day 5 : Ambositra
Trekking with early departure so as to discover the Zafimaniry region ( Antoetra and Ifasina ). Two very typical villages that are located far from the beaten track. You will feel completely removed from your usual surroundings in this landscapes full of valleys, hills and mountains. Zafimaniry art, due to its beauty, has been classified as World Heritage of UNESCO since 2003.

Day 6 : Ambositra – Ranomafana
Continuation on South-Eastern Madagascar through secondary and primary forests, with waterfalls and panoramic views along the road. Possibility of massage and bathing in a thermal spa in the late afternoon.

Day 7 : Ranomafana
Trekking to visit Ranomafana National Park ( to see other lemurs ) through a humid and dense tropical forest, through rivers and cascades.

Day 8 : Ranomafana – Andringitra
Continuation on South Madagascar through big granite rocks and superb terraced ricefields, on the way you discover the wonderful Betsileo region.

Day 9 : Andringitra
Trekking to visit Andringitra National Park, a mountainous region of bare granite plateau with xerophite mosses – panoramic views and waterfalls.

Day 10 : Andringitra – Isalo
Continuation on South Madagascar through its vast deserted plateaux and its large herds of zebu cattle in transhumance.

Day 11 : Isalo
Trekking to visit the Isalo National Park, a moonlike landscape, sandstone carved through the ages, similar to the Grand Canyon in the USA. Bathing in natural pools and oases along the trek.

Day 12 : Isalo – Ifaty
Continuation on South Madagascar through semi-deserted landscapes of thorn bush, through villages and Mahafaly tombs, through saphire mining villages and through sand dunes and typical Vezo fishing villages on the South-West coast of the Great Island. Possibility of bathing in the afternoon, or discovery of the typical Baobab forest of Ifaty.

Day 13 : Ifaty – Toliara – Tana
Free morning with bathing ad lib in one of the lagoons of the Mozambique Canal. Transfer to the airport in the afternoon and flight to Tana.

Day 14 : Tana- Paris
Tour of the Malagasy capital with shopping in the crafts market and visit of the Botanic and Zoological Park where you can find an almost complete range of the fauna and flora of Madagascar, as well as of its ways and customs. Discovery of the upper and lower part of the city, as well as the monuments of the city prior to transfer for the return journey to Paris.


Approximate cost : 1915 euros per person ( based on 2 persons )
Approximate cost : 1370 euros per person ( based on 4 persons )
Approximate cost : 1255 euros per person ( based on 8 persons )


All included EXCEPT : your international flights, visa, insurance, your personal expenses, tips for porters, for waiters etc., and all sorts of drinks.

You will settle ALL, once you are on the spot, as we progress ( cash, in euros ).


Anti-mosquito spray and cream, pocket torch and spare batteries, head torch if possible, swimsuits, light clothes as well as clothes to keep you warm ( for the high grounds ), cameras, small padlocks for your luggage, your personal medicines ( current antibiotics, antidiarrhoea, antiseptics, Betadine, compresses and cotton, ointment for sprains, lip salve and other personal medicines, protect yourself against malaria, e.g. follow a treatment ) sun cream, walking shoes or closed sports shoes, binoculars if necessary, old clothes ( children’s and adults’ ) to give here and there during the trip ( also biros, colour pencils, old dolls, teddy-bears, small balloons, etc. ) swiss knife, k-way or windcheater, hat or cap, etc. AND cash money = euros.

For more information, you can write to the following people. They have alot of experiences about travel and big travel. I have had the opportunity to meet them, I was their tour guide during their trip in Madagascar. Thanks alot to them to permit me to put their names and adresses on this web site. Don't hesitate to contact them and thank you so much :

MM. Richard and Cathy Condon : richardcondon@clearwire.be
MM. Rene and Janine Weemaels : reneweemaels@hotmail.com
MM. Erik and Colette Segers :

This last person ( Erik Segers ) has written in « LinkedIn » :
If you want to discover Madagascar, Ravo is your man to organise your trip from A to Z. Thanks to his deep knowledge and boundless enthusiasm we had a truly first class visit of this wonderful island. Without a doubt, I do recommend, wholeheartedly.

Clients' Testimony after their trip in Madagascar :

Dear Ravo,
... What to say, there’s so much ! ... First, a certainty we quickly acquired of trust, whatever the local conditions or situations. A certainty of being surrounded not only by professionals, but also by reliable and attentive friends ! A good feeling that the services rendered were totally free of all financial concerns, knowing well the living conditions in Mada ( Madagascar ) how they are ! ... Diégo Suarez, Nosy Be, the North of Madagascar, where tourism is still in its infancy, you had to improvise from one end to another. For instance the scarcity of finding places to stay, etc. Here, you surpassed yourself, everything was perfect ! ... And how wonderful to have found those unforgettable sites when I was 20 : Majunga and its baobab, Diégo Suarez and its magnificent bay ( second to none after Rio, according to me ), the old marine base Orangéa, a site of post-cataclysmic appearance, as if copied from an album of the great cartoonist Enki Billal. What else to say except a kindness at any and all moments, adjusting the group according to age or tiredness, a constant helping hand to cross difficult passageways ! A certainty as well that if one day we’d love to bump along the red tracks of Mada ( Madagascar ) again, we would be welcomed as friends ( and this is not said in vain ) and most professionally. Our friendship to you, to Pierrette and kisses to Jenny from us. Hubert and Marie-Colette DUPUIS

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