Jesus Christ's death on the cross will shine God's love for the greatest glory of the Father and the Son

Until now, people discuss about the divinity of the Christ and don't accept that it's true. People say that Jesus Christ is just a good man or He is just a great prophet, but the Bible states that He comes from heaven.

The Bible confirms us that Jesus is Immanuel = " God is with us " ( Matthew 1 : 23 ). Is there something impossible to God ? We know that everything is possible to God and He can do what He wants. So it’s possible for Him to come on earth as human being if it’s his intention.

Christ's acts show us too that He is God. Jesus resuscitates died people, He heals lepers, He covers our sins, He gives food to people. When Jesus showed himself to his disciples after his death, He gives us a proof that He lives eternally. And when He gave to his disciples the Holy Spirit, He gives us a proof of his highest glory place at the right of God

Jesus ... asked his disciples :
« Who do people say the Son of Man is ? »
( Matthew 16 : 13b )

Already in this time people have a lot of different answers. Nowadays everybody gives answer according to his own opinion. There were already a lot of papers & talks about the divinity of Jesus. For some people, Jesus is a philanthropist ; for others, He is those who has founded the christian religion.

Your logical answer is not important. The important is " What is Jesus for you ? ". The important is the place of Jesus in your life & during your life. ... This is so important because your eternal life ( your everlasting existence ) depends on your answer ; yes, one day you have to explain to God your behaviour.


Simon Peter, one of the disciple of Jesus answered :

« You are the Christ, the Son of the living God ! »



« Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away »
( Matthew 24 : 35 )

This speech was said by The Christ, the Son of God, 2000 years ago. In the same time, the huge Roman empire controlled the world. Rome was proud of its triumph, so it said that it was eternal. Nowadays all of this Roman empire fell into ruin ; they have disappeared with their idols.

But Jesus Christ's words are always there.

The christian sees empires and human's prodigious realisations fall down, because christian's retreat is not made by men : God is his retreat and his strength ; and Jesus Christ, the unique Son of God, his Lord and his Saviour !




What do we need ? We need not a morals, nor a religion, we need a Person :
" Christ Jesus who came into the world to save sinners " ( 1 Timothy 1 : 15 ).
" Salvation is found in no-one else " ( Acts 4 : 12 )


Jesus' life show us the victory of obedience and the victory of love
( Pleasant to The Lord 2010 )


We have to fight against human or devil reasons,
reasons which give us doubt about what The Christ has done for us and in us
( Pleasant to The Lord 2009 )



All his life, Jesus was put to the test by the Devil, by men, by religious people, by the most powerful chiefs of the world ( Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate ), by his own brothers ( John 7 : 5 ). The highest test for Jesus is the cross. But his Love for God was more strong than his fear to die.

Finally, be strong in the Lord ( Christ Jesus ) and in his mighty power ( Ephesians 6 : 10 ).

Christian has to do spiritual fight. So he/she must be conscious of the power of the enemy and the difficulties to win. But this force on us is limited, so we can endure evil power ( read James 4 : 7 ). Satan, a very good strategist, continues to lie that he has all rights on us. Spiritual fights are real things, but we have to recall always that on the cross, Jesus has already win this fight against Satan and all evil powers.

The Bible says that Jesus has win a great victory on the cross ( read Colossians 2 : 15 ). By his death, Jesus might destroy those who has the power over death, that means the Devil ( read Hebrews 2 : 14 ). At last, Jesus was resuscitated, it is an absolute proof of his victory ! By this success, we have too victory in our daily life ( I Corinthians 15 : 57 ) ; but to have this victory, we must walk and live with the Christ !

By the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, Satan and his army lose their power but they continue to exist. Jesus takes off Satan's power on everybody who believes in Him as his Saviour. If we live with Jesus, He protects us, and none of these evil spirit forces can separate us from his Love ( Romans 8 : 38 - 39 ). But for those who don't believe in Jesus, the forces of darkness work in them ( John 3 : 19 - 21 ). ( Lothar Gassmann in " Esoterik als Lebenshilfe ? " 2001 Verlag für Reformatorische Erneuerung )

With Jesus, God gives us a new alliance. Jesus is dead once and for all, a sacrifice that is effective for ever ( Hebrews 10 : 10 - 14 ). If we believe in this act, we are saved ( Andreas Maurer in " Basiswissen Islam, und wie Christen Muslimen begegen können “, 2002 Hänssler Verlag )



Take care about eternal life,

The Bible related us about two men who intensely desired to meet the Christ

1- Zacchaeus, the tax collector. He searched Jesus in all his heart, he searched Him through all difficulties. Zacchaeus needed really the Christ so it was a good reason for him to meet Jesus. Jesus meet Zacchaeus and gave him forgiveness, hope and eternal life. He became a new man.

2- Herod, the king. He intensely searched too Jesus. Because he heart about Him. Herod wanted to see Jesus, to have a look on Jesus, just a look. Herod was curious to meet Jesus. Herod meet Jesus, but a chain-down-Jesus ( with chains around His arms ). A Jesus who didn't answer him and who didn't speak to him. So the only thing that Herod can do was to leave the Christ ... that means to be eternally died ( following the Holy Bible definition ). [ Richard Rahajason in « Now, write down ! » Editions Sénevé 1999 ]

Jesus crucifixion is for christians the main message of the Bible …
By the resurrection of Jesus, God has show us his greatest power,
to give again life to someone from its tomb


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